Mobile Diagnostic Technician
Job Opportunity at SD Myers, Inc.

Posted on Jan 8

www.sdmyers.com    330 630-7000

Location: Scranton, PA
Job Type: Full Time
Job ID: W4126291

Position Title: Mobile Diagnostic Technician (MDT)

Position Summary:

This position reports to the MDT Supervisor.MDT is responsible for completing the field sampling process, upgrading sales opportunities, and consulting with the customer. This position is the in-the-field, face-to-face representation of SDMyersResponsible for traveling to customer sites throughout the U.S. to draw oil samples from energized transformers. MDT must be willing and able to travel Monday through Friday, home on weekends.Travel will be by van and air

Position Responsibilities/Duties/Functions/Tasks:

  • Obtain accurate insulating fluid samples from high voltage transformers following all sampling procedures and training
  • Complete paperwork for each job thoroughly and accurately
  • Basic lab data interpretation, individual test knowledge, industry knowledge
  • Ability to identify upgrade opportunities
  • Determine and recommend additional opportunities–Field Service/Rewind
  • Provide superior customer service
  • Maintain MDT Vehicle to SDMI standards
  • Maintain proper record of accountability and Per Diem
  • Obtain purchase orders / obtain customer signatures
  • Follow shipping procedures and policies to ship samples promptly and accurately
  • Perform all other related duties as assigned


  • High school diploma or the equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Must have acceptabledriving record (less than 6 points or 3 incidents)
  • Must have demonstrated strong work ethic and commitment to safety
  • Knowledge of transformers and industry desired
  • Knowledge of lab tests and basic lab data interpretation
  • No experience required; in-depth training provided

Key Skills and Personal Traits:

  • Extensive travel time; overnight up to 5 days per week, travel via air and company provided van
  • Must possess excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills
  • Create a favorable impression for the company to all internal/external customers
  • Individual must display a high level of integrity and initiative
  • Utilize safe work habits at all times
  • Must have a strong sense of team commitment, which includes meeting deadlines, punctuality and excellent follow-through and feedback
  • Organized
  • Accountable
  • Detail-oriented
  • Excellent customer service and problem solving skills.

Physical Requirements and Working Conditions:

This position typically works Monday to Friday and up to twelve (12) hours a day. This position is subject to a pre-employment physical and employee must be able to perform the following:

  • Frequently—tasks required on a daily basis
    • Seeing (driving, equipment labels/gauges, paperwork)
    • Bending (loading and unloading samples, taking samples)
    • Crouching/Kneeling (taking samples)
    • Driving/Sitting (700 miles per week average)
    • Reaching (taking samples)
    • Lifting/Carrying (up to 40 pounds—tools, buckets, oil samples, waste oil)
    • Eye/hand coordination (taking samples and use of hand tools)
    • Wrenching/repetitive wrist motion (taking samples)
    • Stairs (accessing units)
    • Standing (filling out paperwork, prep work)
    • Twisting (taking samples)
    • Walking (1+ mile daily)
    • Exposure to electrical hazards (sampling transformers and electrical equipment)
    • Exposure to fumes/odors/oil (sampling of various dielectric fluids)
    • Works in hot and/or cold temperatures (depending on customer site)
    • Works indoors and/or outdoors (depending on customer site)
    • Works with others (will work with customer escorts 100% of the time on a customer site or facility)
    • Works alone (when driving)
  • Occasionallytasks required on a weekly basis
    • Crawling (accessing sample ports under transformer radiators)
    • Ladders (accessing LTC’s and rooftop units)
    • Works in cramped quarters (accessing units in tight spaces)
    • Walking on uneven or slippery surfaces (depending on customer site)
    • Works in wet conditions (depending on customer site and weather)
    • Exposure to dust/smoke (depending on customer site)
    • Exposure to noise (depending on customer site)
    • Exposure to chemicals (depending on customer site)
  • Rarelytasks required on a monthly basis
    • Exposure to toxic materials (depending on customer site and dielectric fluid being sampled)
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