Job Opportunity at Compass Systems and Sales LLC

Posted on Jun 7


Location: Barberton, OH
Job Type: Full Time
Job ID: W4161222

Welder Job Description


Compass Systems and Sales LLC, a custom engineering and fabricator of material conveying systems, is seeking a Mechanical Assembler for our Barberton, Ohio location.


Essential Duties


This position is primarily responsible for welding metal kits into finish goods by performing the following:

·         Positions parts in jigs or fixtures on bench or floor, or clamps parts together along layout marks.

·         Selects torch, torch tip, filler rod and flux, according to welding chart specifications or type and thickness of metal.

·         Connects regulator valves and hoses to oxygen and fuel gas cylinders, and welding torch.

·         Turns regulator valves to activate flow of gases, lights torch and adjusts gas mixture and pressure, to obtain desired flame.

·         Holds torch at proper angle to metal and guides along weld joint, applying filler rod to molten area to form weld.

·         Examines weld for bead size and other specifications.

·         Repairs broken or cracked metal objects, fills holes, and builds up metal parts.

·         Applies flux to workpiece instead of filler rod.

·         Preheats workpiece in furnace or with torch.

·         Lays out, positions, and tack welds workpieces.

·         Welds along vertical or overhead weld lines.

·         Scarfs or grooves weld prior to applying filler metal.

·         Chips or grinds off excess weld, slag, or spatter.

·         Cleans or degreases parts.

·         Other duties as assigned – work overtime when needed.

Knowledge/Skills Required

·         High school diploma or equivalent

·         Previous welding experience

·         Motivated individual possessing the ability to work independently, with minimal supervision.

·         Demonstrates positive safety attitude.

·         Ability to stand for 8 or more hours and able to lift up to 75 lbs. 

About Compass Systems:


We are engineers and custom fabricators in every sense. For over two decades, we have found better ways to move materials, providing both standard and custom solutions to our customers. You can trust Compass to point the way to the most efficient solution.


Why a Career with Compass?

·         Growing organization

·         9/80 Work Schedule

·         Collaborative work environment

·         Compass Systems and Sales is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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